The Val-Dieu Blond is a fresh and light beer, moderately alcoholized, and a strong friendly character.  It is perfect for aperitif or as digestive.  It can also accompany a good meal.  It does not dry the mouth and develops progressively a pleasant and bitter character.  Chilled, it will be more pleasant to drink.  It will keep a light white foam coat throughout the tasting.

The Brown Val-Dieu  is colored.  Its aroma is more pronounced, with a coffee / mocha character.  The mocha taste will disappear progressively to make room for a taste of roasted malt that is neither too neutral nor too strong.  It is very slightly spicy, reminding that it is before all a beer for degustation.  Chambered or tempered, it suits all circumstances.

The Val-Dieu Triple is the result of a long fermentation, scrupulously followed by the brewmaster.  Its deep yet soft bitterness  does not interfer with the discovery of its components.  The taste of the hop comes through, naturally aromatized, accompanied by an alcoholic after taste.  It can be associated with refined dishes and ranks among the great beers.  It may be found in the some of the most exclusive restaurants.