For centuries, the monks studied yeasts and fermentations. They turned brewing into a science, creating special recipes ever more elaborated and sophisticated. Beers currently brewed in Val-Dieu are inspired from the traditional recipes of the monk-brewers, loyal to the tradition of beers secondary fermented in the bottle.
Beers of Val-Dieu are true original Belgian Abbey beers, they are elaborated without the addition of flavourings nor spices and brewed according to the ancient infusion method.

The secrets of the brewery

The secrets of the brewery are its water and its yeast. Indeed, the water comes from the Gileppe dam, which are springs giving a water of excellent quality. Some of those local springs are known worldwide such as Spa, Bru and Chaudfontaine, all located within 20-30 kilometres from Val-Dieu.

As for the yeast, it is treasured in the Abbey and is composed of fungi (Saccharomyces cerevisiae), very beneficial to the human body and allowing the famous fermentations. This yeast is rich in vitamin B and minerals and is a powerful antioxidant. In full respect of the original tradition, the production process of our beers lasts 6 to 8 weeks. That is how we get this high alcohol content (6% for the Blond beer, 8% for the Brown one and 9% for the Triple) and the complex aromas which characterize the Val-Dieu beers.

Val-Dieu stands for authenticity and quality, as it is the only true Belgian Abbey beer 100% brewed in a living Abbey.

The rings

Since its origins in 1216, the Abbey of Val-Dieu is symbolized by two rings and the motto “In Vinculo Pacis”. This latin phrase means “In the Bond of Peace” and reminds us constantly that getting together and humility are on the path to happiness. Have lots of sweetness and patience, put up with others with love, make sure to preserve the unity of the spirit through “the bond of peace”. This peace must be reached with God, with the neighbour and with oneself.

The two rings are found everywhere in the Abbey (walls, floor, windows, chairs, doors, fireplace etc.). They are also still present on the pendant worn by members of the Christian Community. These rings are a sign of recognition between them when visiting “sister” monasteries. We can also find them in the background of the new labels of the Val-Dieu beer.